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Get Involved... Get On Stage!

Thinking about auditioning for a show? You've come to the right place for information!

The first thing to remember about the AAAA is, we are an amatuer community theatre, and that means: NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! That's right! We're an amateur theatre group: we don't need to see your resume, there's not need to have set foot on stage before. All you need to do is show up at auditions and we'll walk you through the rest.

Remaining audition dates for the 2016-17 Season:
December 19 & 20 - Lend Me a Tenor [click here for more information]
January 9 & 10 - Romeo & Juliet [click here for more information]

IMPORTANT: The below information is only a "guideline." It indicates how auditions tend to run. However, the final requirements of each show's audition is ultimately up to that show's director and may vary from show to show. Any specific audition requirements are in the link next to each show above. If no link is present, the requirements have not been specified by the director yet.

Basic Information

Auditions are held at the AAAA and last approximately two hours in the evening. At a "straight show" audition (that is, a nonmusical show), you will be asked to read portions of the script. This is called "cold reading," and means there is nothing to prepare.

At a musical audition, you will be asked to sing a song (16 bars) and present a prepared monologue. Occassionally there will be a dance call as well, but the thing to keep in mind is that everyone is in the same boat. Our shows are not pre cast; you have as much chance of getting a part as anyone else. And believe me, you WON'T be the only nervous person in the room! Please see specific audition requirements per show, per director by going to our home page and clicking on audition information for the shwo you are interested in.

Children's Shows: Our auditions are supportive and as unthreatening as any audition ever could be! Children are asked to sing a song. Some of the older children will sometimes have a song prepared. Others simply sing the "Happy Birthday" song. They will also be asked to engage in a theatre game, and the director may ask him or her a question or two to see how comfortable they are on stage.

Being Prepared

Auditions, as noted, generally run about two hours. You should come prepared to stay the entire time; some directors will see you once and tell you when they're done with you, others will have you read periodically throughout the night. If you are unable to stay the entire time, inform the director or their assistant when you need to leave so they can be sure you have a chance to be seen/heard before you leave. If you leave before the director announces the end of auditions, make sure they know you're leaving so they don't call your name out later in the evening, expecting you to read again. Often times, director's will ask you to bring a photograph of yourself.

Time Committment

Each director will determine the rehearsal schedule, but in general, be prepared to rehearse Sunday through Thursday for a few hours each night for approximately 5 weeks prior to the opening of the show.

Audition Policy

The Alexandria Area Arts Association is an open and accessible community theatre, meaning that all of our auditions are open to the public. We do not participate in pre-casting shows, and everyone, regardless of experience, age, sex, employment (well, regardless of almost anything, actually) is eligable to be in a production. Final casting decisions are left up to the director.

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